Frequently Asked Questions

1. Intro

  • What is Pivto?

Pivto is a Tool that let’s you integrate and show  all the user generated content around you, your brand or any given theme you want, this includes, Twitter tweets and potos, Instagram instants, Facebook posts, Foursquare Check-Ins, YouTube Videos, customer ratings, customer reviews and comments.


  • What is Pivto for

Pivto allows you to capitalize and use all the content your users generate in order to increase your user engagement, make your site more fun, useful and increase the confidence.


  • What can I do with Pivto?

Show everything you say on Social Networks and also what people say about you integrating Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. Choose the hashtags, keywords or mentions you want to show and voila, your feed will be full of text, pictures and welcome messages from your Foursquare venues.


  • Where can I display Pivto?

You can display Pivto on web Pivto Social Feed at “My Community” tab on your dashboard, and you can embed it at your website by clicking on the “Embed” tabo n your dashboard. Note that we have all the universal documentation for Blogs and E-commerce site’s and also we have the WORDPRESS PLUGIN and the MAGENTO PLUGIN ready to intall.

Other way you can display Pivto i son our “Events Display”, the “Events Display” shows the Feed entries in a full screen experience, perfect for massive events like concerts, weddings, parties and also incredible for phisical venues like restaurants, stores, casinos, hotels and many more!


  • How can I set Pivto up?

Just click on the “Sign up” button on the header, make yourselve an account and you will be redirected to your Pivto dashboard. There you will go to “Social Integration”, you can link as many Social Networks as you want (Take notice that you need to own Foursquare venues to use it) when you link them all you’ll be able yo choose the hashtags, keywords or mentions you want to show on your feed.

When you finish to integrate your social networks you can go to “Settings” and customize your feed.


  • How can embed Pivto on my Website?

To embed Pivto on your website you can go to the  “Embed” tab on your dashboard, choose what ever kind of platform you are using (Magento or Wordpres) and if you have coding abilities you can chose the Universal blogs or e-commerces embeding.


  • Can I customize my feed’s logo and color?

Yes you can! Go to “Settings” and upload the logo and color you want your feed and event display look like.

2. Dashboard

  • Can I moderate my feed entries?

Yes, you can do it in two ways:

You can block any feed entry coming and left it pending moderation by switching the “Moderate all” switch located on the dashboard’s “Settings” tab, if the switch is “on” all the feed entries will stay on “pending” until you show or hide them on the “moderate social feed” and “moderate comments” dashboard tabs.

You can show or hide all the feed entries by going to the “moderate social feed” and “moderate comments” dashboard tabs.


  • How I hide my feed entries?

On the moderation tabs you will see a “Hide” and “Show” button at the end of every feed entry.


  • Why the logo size is so restrictive?

We are on that! ;)


  • What is the Pivto pricing?


For now, try it for free!


  • How do I launch the Event’s Display?

You need to upgrade to the Master plan to launch the Event’s Display.


  • Can I reset my feed entries?

To reset and delete your feed entries please contact us at


  • Are the feed entries updates are on real time?

Onlye with the Master’s and Corporate plans, the Welcome and Junior plan’s updates every 1 minute.


  • What social networks can I link? 

Ypu can link, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. (Facebook will be able soon)


  • How many hashtags I can use?

10 on Twitter and 5 on Instagram.


  • How many Foursquare venues can I link?

You only can link 1 venue


  • Do I need to use hasthags or keywords or mention?

You don’t necesary need to add hashtag, keywords or mentions, they are used only to bring user generated content to yor feed, if you don’t add them the feed will only show whatever the accounts you link are updating on the chosen social networks.


  • Pivto will get more Social Networks to integrate?

Yes, we want to integrate all of them! You want any particular network, please send an email to


  • How can I integrate Foursquare?

To integrate Foursquare you need to buy Foursquare venues,  to buy them go to search for your venue, if is not there you can create it with the Foursquare app, then go to the right column of the page, scroll down until you get to the question “is this your business? Claim it now" Follow the steps and voila! Click on the Pivto dashboard's Foursquare button and the venue will appear for you to select.


  • Can people login into my Pivto Feed?

Pivto also let users comment and interact with your feed, to do so they need to sign up.


  • Does people have a profile on my feed?

Yes, when they sign up they will get a profile page on your feed.


  • Can I see the signed up people on my dashboard?

Not for now.